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Kintaline poultry 2014 : Traditional Utility Pure breed Chickens
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We would both like to extend our warmest welcome to our home, Kintaline, 10 miles north of Oban in the beautiful county of Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland. Over the past decades we have been slowly renovating this very old farm.
We developed our utility poultry and waterfowl breeding centre aiming to improve the strains of quality, productive hens and ducks and grow an fascinating range of herbs and perennials for your garden. We now host the Local Producers Market, every First and Third Thursday of each month.
There is lots more going on as you will see from all our links around. We hope something here will be of interest to both local customers and visitors to the area alike. We look forward to seeing old friends and new this year.
Please enjoy yourself wandering around our web site about traditional Utility Poultry, by clicking on any of the underlined words, where we have put lots of information about the birds we have been breeding, hoping to save what is left of the now very rare utility strains of pure breeds.

Black Rock hybrid
Utility Poultry
Cream Legbar
Scots Dumpy
   Light Sussex
Rhode Island Red
Scots Dumpy
Plymouth Rock
White Wyandotte
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Eggs from our free range hens
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Depending on what else we are doing with the farm and business, the birds we breed each year varies, but we are open most of the year, people come to learn lots about keeping chickens and ducks in a domestic environment, see housing and equipment in use, and pick our brains about your individual circumstances. We have been helping people solving their poultry problems for decades now, so have more practical experience than those who are only recently joined the poultry fraternity. We also care enough about the welfare of the birds you might have, to be honest if we think that your situation is not suitable. Unlike the message in the media, especially some gardening programmes who should know better, there are domestic situations which are inappropriate for poultry and waterfowl keeping. Some can be altered to make it better, others cannot. If you are travelling to ask us about your needs, please Contact Us to arrange a time so we can be free to help you.

We also rear Black Rock hybrid pullets, in our opinion the best commercial free range layer, and on the farm we have our own flock of Black Rock hens producing Eggs from our free range hens in the spirit of the law not just to the letter. You can taste the difference. Our customers come from far and wide, and there are many regulars taking eggs back to the other side of the country.

We are passionate about good breeding and good husbandry, and desparately sad about what is happening to most good old breeds in the most recent years. We aim to try and give you some ideas as to how to care best for the birds in your care. It is also clear that there is some very weak information available online nowadays from people who have very limited experience, which is misleading many new keepers into drastic mistakes.
Hopefully 2010 will allow us to provide much more information about keeping birds, breeding, rearing, and avoiding the pitfalls of domestic poultry keeping..

At the farm we are constantly open to new ideas, and in 2008 a Local Producers Market started, held here, every First and Third Thursday of the month, from March to December.
The shop is full of feeders and drinkers, and lots more equipment, books and videos. All of which is available mail order around the country, along with our unique Electric fencing kits.
We also supply a wide range of feeds, including all the high quality, low waste wild bird feeds and seeds, as well as poultry feed - and can get feeds for other livestock and pets - please enquire - local customers only.

Tim and Jill Bowis
Kintaline Mill Farm, Benderloch, OBAN Argyll PA37 1QS Scotland
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information about our hardy plant nursery

Our hardy PLANT NURSERY where we grow interesting and unusual perennials, herbs and rhodies

poultry waterfowl livestock books videos and gifts mail order

Full range of BOOKS and DVDS's on poultry keeping, other smallholding topics and related gift ideas.

let the white campbell drake take you into the world of ducks at Kintaline

Let the white campbell drake lead you into the world of DUCKS

poultry waterfowl button leading to traditional breeds of hens, ducks and geese and poultry park

garden railway G scale
Around the garden we have a G scale Garden Railway track. Tim is delighted to meet fellow enthusiasts

Here at Kintaline Plant and Poultry Centre we have very full days with our birds and plants outside, guests and customers visiting the farm, as well as email and phone customers.
Please email with your daytime and evening telephone numbers if you are having difficulties getting hold of us by phone. We will return your call as soon as we can.

Local Origins Rural Network Oban farmers market Argyll

Here at Kintaline : Local Farmers and Crafters Market - every first and third Thursday of the month, March to Decemberfor producers from Dalmally to Oban, Glencoe to Kilmelford, Lismore and Kerrera.

Our Internet provider here is Plusnet, again we have been with them for many many years, even with our weak exchange we get a very reliable service, which just does what we want, without fuss or bother.
Up to 8Mb broadband from just 9.99 a month. PlusNet broadband.